Planet Broadcasting
Connecting The World Or Something


At Planet Broadcasting we aim to make the world a little bit better through connection. And how do we do that? Through high quality audio content; podcasts made by creative, passionate people. We want to connect our community of listeners with the best and brightest creators in Australia and collaborate with brands who totally get it.


James Clement
Founder & Content Creator
James began his career as a primary school teacher before developing his highly successful YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies and his podcast The Weekly Planet where he talks all things movies, TV shows and comic books. He lives in Melbourne Australia with his wife, son and small dog (the official dog of the podcast).

Claire Tonti
Founder & Creative Director
Claire also began her career as a primary school teacher before venturing into the world of podcasting, advertising and media production. She is a writer, singer and producer who thinks that creativity in all it’s forms should be celebrated and supported. Also known as Mrs Sunday, she loves being a mum, walking the dog and hanging out with her husband James who happens to be Mr Sunday Movies.

Nick Mason
Internet Celebrity & Podcast Aficionado
Nick is a podcast regular across the Melbourne comedy scene. He is the other half of The Weekly Planet podcast along with James and is a tram driver by day. He is passionate about comedy, movies, video games and comic books.



Our Story

Married couple James Clement and Claire Tonti developed Planet Broadcasting after the success of James’ YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies and his podcast The Weekly Planet, begun with his lifelong friend Nick Mason. With over 7 million international views monthly, 350,000 podcast downloads every week and sponsorship revenue from some pretty amazing clients (including Netflix, Loot Crate and 360 Fly), the team have been able to quit their day jobs as primary school teachers and focus entirely on supporting Australian comedians, writers and creators through the Planet Broadcasting network.

Just some of the awesome people we collaborate with…

Stupid Old Studios – Video Production

Ben Vernel – Website & Graphic Design

Emma Sharp – Publicity

Eric Chen – Graphic Design

Golden Legend – Graphic Design

Ben Chinapen – Video Editing

Robert A W Collings – Social Media

Steve Hacklin – Graphic Designer

Phil Kitt – Photographer

Allan Carey – Type 40 – Pop Culture Artefact Builder