That’s right, James Clement and Nick Mason, and Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall and Andy Matthews battle it out to find out whose girlfriend fancied another comedian, what was in that watering can and just how old is James?

Previous episode w. Nick Mason – Available here!

Two in the Think Tank

A podcast where Al and Andy try to come up with five sketch ideas. Maybe seven if we don’t think the first five were very good.

Latest episode: Activist Lexicographer, Gooch Hackers, Expert Expert, Dr Heckle, Bungee Tease & Pants Problems.

The Secret of the Perineum – Available here!

The Weekly Planet

Red Hot Comic Book Movies News!

We’re joined by podcaster/comedian Steele Saunders to talk the original Blade Runner!

The original, the director’s cut and the final cut. Plus we get into the non existance of the DCEU, Venom movie casting, more Terminator news, SNOKE, a new MIB spin-off, It sequel news and more!

Blade Runner & No DCEU – Also available here!

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